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    Paid Internships

    How about exploring a country of your choice and also getting some international work experience? If this sounds too good to be true, we can actually intern in a country of your choice !
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    Hindi & Bollywood

    Indulge in the flavor of the country with excursion to Bollywood and learn some Bollywood grooves. Also learn Hindi language which will enable you unravel the diversity in major parts of the country & communicate smoothly.
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    Cultural Exchange

    A program that aims at introducing the diverse Indian culture and experience its‟ rich heritage”. The program would be packed with a vast variety of events, ranging from academic instruction to Indian Village Volunteering experience
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    High School Exchange

    An exciting program that gives young students the opportunity to discover a new country, its culture, its way of life while improving their language skills while studying abroad & create exciting memories which will last a lifetime
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