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    Kind Words From Happy Interns

    " I simply loved the whole India experience. The people are so warm & helping and its so colourful. I am finding a job here and would look stay longer."

    Florence Legrand, Belgium

    " Come to India without any expectations or pre- conceived notions. You will love it!! From food to culture, everything will is worth experiencing"

    Kalinda Panholzer, USA

    “I opted for the work & travel option wherein I got some work experience & also got to explore Incredible India.”

    Patrick Moore, Australia

    “When I decided to visit India for internship, my parents were freaked out. But thanks to all the information and contacts that Edulab provides, they were at least assured.  I am coming back to India soon!”

    Khadija Ouajjani, Morocco

    “I have had an amazing time doing internship in India. You would never now  If you don't come, especially when you don't any specific perspective of the place you've never been. have to I'm sure you will have wonderful time in India “

    Ayumi Munakata , Japan

    “I  thoroughly enjoyed my internship here & I have got an opportunity to learn so much from my mentors.I have loved every single moment here”  

    Guillaume Grimault, France

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    Can You Do This?

    What everybody should know about India