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BRIC Internship – Le Forem, Wallonia’s government agency for employment and lifelong learning

In 2014, Edulab partnered with Le Forem, the Walloon governmental agency for employment and lifelong learning. The project will send 20 to 30 young graduates each year to India for a three month internship in a company, association or institution. Each graduate will receive a substantial grant from “Le Forem” in order for them to complete their internship.

Every year, twice per year between twenty to twenty five young graduates go through a series of test conducted by Le Forem and Edulab. Out of that ten to fifteen get selected for a fully funded three months internship in India.

We cater to their internship, the visa, the orientation pre departure and post arrival, their accommodation in India, their transport between home and their office. As for most of them it is their first trip to India, we make sure they participate in cultural events that are held throughout the year.

The programme has been a success. All interns have worked in top companies across India. After their internship 90% of them managed to find a job.

This is our impact, making the youth work ready. Giving them the opportunity to learn and enhance their skill while gaining actual work experience.


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