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  • Why join Edulab Network of Companies?

    • Your company will get the opportunity to participate in international programmes with leading university. This will enhance your University/Industry partnership with more R&D and publicity output. • You will also get to hire high quality interns for your organisation. Our interns are rigorously selected and trained prior their arrival in India for the internship. • You will also have the opportunity to network all of Edulab’s partners during our programmes and gathering events.
  • How much is the adhesion?

    The adhesion is 50,000 INR
  • What will my company get?

    • Your company will get regular updated on Edulab’s work and news in the world of Education. To which you can of course ask Edulab for more information. • You will also be a priority member for all our interns. We will ask you on a regular basis your requirement for interns, to ease up the process. • Edulab is part of a lot of value added project and you will be able to add your name to available project. This projects are seminars, fairs, educational happenings, sporting competition, etc. • We will host an annual convention between all of Edulab’s corporate and institutional
  • What do the interns require?

    Our interns only require a good internship. That means: • quality work • proper mentorship • exposure to work best practices • technical and soft skill enhancing • social inclusions at and outside work • Project work for the intern where he/she will have to interact with various members of the company • Team work inclusion • A letter from your company saying that they will work with you.
  • What if the intern performs badly?

    • If you deem that the intern is not performing as well as you expected. You need to contact us right away. There might be an issue with the intern, settling into a foreign country is not always easy. • We will have a conversation with the intern to understand his/her state of mind and see how we can improve their condition from there. • If there is a big problem, then we will shift the intern to another company.
  • Can we hire the intern during/after the internship?

    • During the internship it is not possible to hire the intern. The visa rules are strict; the purpose of the visit and stay is mentioned on the visa and cannot be changed. • You may offer a proper work contract to the intern during their work but it can only be effective after the internship.
  • Where would they come from?

    They would predominantly come from Europe and the North America
  • What is the desire duration of an internship?

    Minimum of 3 months, maximum 12 months
  • How do I get interns?

    You just need to send us your requirements and when we get interns we will send you their resume and cover letter. You will also have to interview them via Skype or phone
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