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  • What programmes do you have?

    We have a lot of different programmes. You can find them all with an explanation. Here is a list of our available programmes: • Internship • Volunteering • Leadership • Language • Cultural exchange
  • Will I get paid?

    You might get a stipend if you do an internship programme
  • How long are the programmes?

    Programmes are for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 10 months
  • What are the requirements to take part in your programmes?

    Each programme has a different requirement. But these are the general ones: • Age, some programmes have a minimum and/or maximum age • Possibility of travel, every programme is subjected to your ability to travel (Financially, legally) • Competence requirement, some may ask you a minimum level in a language, or a diploma in a certain field of knowledge • Financial requirement, some programmes can be expensive
  • How much are the programmes?

    • That again depends on the programme. I would redirect you to the each programme. • I would tell you that each and every programmes have inherent cost such as insurance, travel, sometimes lodging and/or food, pocket money, and so on.
  • What is included?

    Most of our programmes include tuition fee, lodging, travel from an to venues in the programme, admission to activities/visits, some part of the food.
  • What if I don't like the programmes while doing it?

    • You can always cancel a programme while doing it. We will refund you based on how much of the programme you have done. • Generally the cancellation fee is a percentage of the fee you paid. We generally count on the moment we agree on the programme and you have paid. • Prior to getting the visa: 20% penalty fee • Prior to leaving: 50% penalty fee • For programmes shorter than five weeks: 90% of the fee is taken upon cancellation at arrival • For programmes long or five week to six month: • 60% for the 10% of the total time of the programme • 70% between 11%-30% of the total time the programme • 80% between 31%-60% of the total time of the programme • 90% between 61-80% of the total time of the programme • 100% after 81% of the time of the programme
  • What if I need to cancel?

    You need to contact us and state the reason the cancellation.
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