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US English Access Program – US State Department

The programme brought twenty five children from India to the US to discover the culture, the importance of the English Language in the world. To continue and prepare their learning, each student was given an IPad with internet connection so that they could surf online and exercise their English skill.

At the beginning of the programme twenty five children from rural village in India received an IPad with a complementary internet connection, they received training on how to surf the web safely and English. Then they all went for three weeks to the United States of America where they got to travel the country, visit museum, theme parks, science centres, they also took classes in English.

The aim was to give them English and make them understand that knowing languages is important for their development and the development of their village. With the help of the technology and knowledge, the twenty five children became leaders and they empowered their village and the surrounding villages.

This programme was our first major success and it confirmed us in our drive for education. We learned that the slightest of international exposure can bring a lot of positive change in a children and students. The children will become leaders for their families, friends and localities. They will become actors of change.

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