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International Experiential Educational Programme for Youth:

Our Expertise: Sport Programme, Language and Cultural Exchange, Internship, Volunteering, Leadership Training

Our Programme: Youth Champion’s League, Education First Programme, WorldFellow

At Edulab, we believe in investing our youth. Younger generation hold the key for a better future for themselves, their communities and the entire world. A holistic approach to education must come at the top priority. Mens sana in corpore sano as the Latin proverb says a healthy mind in an healthy body, this is our motto for the youth.

To cater to the body we organised in Goa, India, a Youth Champion’s League Cup under the patronage of former Real Madrid and Portugal world star footballer Luis Figo. The event brought the youth of football clubs from all over India and a select few from around the world to participate in the tournament. We focused on having the youth move, a part from football we organised football skills and dance competition. The event was huge success.

For the mind, we have partnered with Education, the world leader in Language, cultural and educational programmes. Through them, we give the possibility to the Youth of India, to go abroad to learn a language, discover new cultures, get admitted in top colleges and universities.
We also developed our own platform where the younger generation can browse our programmes as well as our partners’ educational and international programmes.

We are constantly looking for private or public opportunities to work with the Youth.

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